Hallow Justice
I know it’s quite bad. But it’s random

I know it’s quite bad. But it’s random

Just a little insight into some things….

Before I met all of my Potterhead friends, I was a nobody. I felt like someone who was being used, who was just there for people to talk to. I had an empty soul. Then one day it all changed.

I met some amazing people. People like Soph, Tonio, Beth. People who changed my life. Changed my life for the better. I was a long way down this big black hole before, I had no escape route. Now, I’m starting to think, maybe things can get better.

My new motto is. Everything is going to be alright in the end, if it isn’t alright, it isn’t the end. 

So really, I just want to thank each and everyone of my friends for helping, just being there for me. I can be really stubborn or a pain the arse sometimes, but you didn’t care. In fact, you were all just really caring and really nice. 

I want to thank Soph for being so bloody awesome, I want to thank Tonio for being herself. Beth for being so funny and helping me. Kehkashan for being so random and hilarious. Nat for just being there, caring for me. Kate for just being amazing. Sam for helping me through difficult situations. Matia for being completely awesome in the sense of making me laugh and standing up for me. Rachel for letting me spam her inbox. Eva for being so awesome, so amazing, just fantastic.


I love you all so so so much <3

A Head Canon on Severus Snape that I wrote

Snape was the bravest man anyone could know. No-one knew how he really felt though. His eyes were just blankness, his face full of hatred. But none of this really showed how he felt.

He was unloved, confused, and upset after the death of Lily Potter. The choices he made in the future were not choices he really wanted to make. He just wanted Lily back, to hold her in his arms.

He didn’t want to be burdened with helping the Dark Lord, or trying to keep up various tasks.

So, this is to remember Snape by what he really was. Not by the actions he took or the words he spoke. But by what he really felt inside.